Trojan Celebrates 20 Years


In 1995, Suzuki redefined the two wheel farm bike by building a motorcycle that utilised Suzuki trail bike technology, comfort, durability and equipped it with farm friendly features; the Trojan instantly became Australias favorite farm bike.

Designed and tested in New Zealand, the Trojan now celebrate 20 years of sales success. With most of the research and development work carried out in rural areas it's no surprise that many of the outstanding features found on the Trojan continue to be well suited to Australias unique farming conditions.

Nearly 12,500 units have been retailed since its introduction and the Trojan has claimed the title of Australias No. 1 selling Farm Bike a staggering seven times in the last ten years.

Built in Japan, the Trojan has a quality of finish second to none. The oil cooled four-stroke motor is whisper quiet and very economical with low gearing that enables the rider to easily follow stock and remain in control.  In the event the bike does fall over, the large oversize handle bar protectors and headlight guard are designed to protect vulnerable items.

The large Quartz halogen headlight is probably the most important item you will notice if an early start is part of your daily routine and if you do spend a lot of time in the saddle the Trojan's single shock rear suspension and long wheel travel has some real world benefits.  Add to this electric starting with backup kick starter and a large comfortable seat that accommodates most shapes and sizes and suddenly the Trojan is looking especially well-suited to on-farm duties.

All in all the Trojan is the best purpose-built Ag bike money can buy, no wonder its the #1 selling farm bike in Australia.