$6,790 Ride Away

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  • 19-inch front wheel All Terrain
  • USB Charge Outlet Utility
  • Dual Channel ABS Safety Features
  • Luggage Plate Ready to Tour
  • 167 kg Light and Nimble

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Lightweight Versatile Crossover

What could further enhance the already widely popular V-STROM lineup? The answer is a new addition to the family: The V-STROM 250SX. The “S” stands for “sports” and the “X” stands for “crossover.” With the kind of presence to make onlookers do a double-take and the performance to back it up, this sport adventure tourer blends rugged versatility with stylish, modern looks. Equally at home cruising in town as it is rolling along an unpaved road in search of the next scenic vista, the V-STROM 250SX caters to riders who want their motorcycle to be able to take them down many different kinds of roads, and look good while doing it. A rider-focused feature set adds convenience and comfort to an already eye-catching and tough machine.

It features rugged yet sporty looks, slim proportions, a lightweight feel and the legendary reliability synonymous with the V-STROM series. From beginners to returning riders to the well-experienced looking for a lightweight breath of fresh air, the V-STROM 250SX delivers all that and more.


With the V-STROM 250SX comes toughness, sportiness, and convenience all rolled into one package. In city riding or hot conditions, the Suzuki Oil Cooling System (SOCS) keeps the engine cool,  and the short-style dual-exit muffler and separate seat give it  a sporty look that riders will want to be seen on. The  slim, nimble chassis and light weight (167kg wet) makes it simple to manoeuvre and accessible for riders of all sizes. 

On unpaved, flat dirt roads, the 19-inch front wheel and ample ground clearance add a sense of stability to the ride, while a functional windscreen and hand guards make it an ideal partner for touring as well. When it comes to carrying passengers or luggage, the V-STROM 250SX excels with a handy rear carrier that also functions as a grab bar. It is perfectly capable of getting around town to get things done, then packing up to go on an adventure for the weekend.

Even when the roads between point A and point B lead you off the beaten path, the V-STROM 250SX has what it takes to get riders where they want to go with style and convenience – and have a great time doing it! Expanding horizons, making the routine exciting, and enriching every ride is what the V-STROM 250SX is all about.    


Styling Features

  • Adventure-inspired looks that inherit the “beak” and DNA of the legendary DR-Z desert racer and DR-BIG production model that marks the V-STROM 250SX as part of the V-STROM family. Sporty styling cues give the model presence on-road too, making it just as suited to riding in the city as it is out in nature.
  • Stylish LED headlights with unique high/low beam setup that arrange the lights in three separate rows in a housing made as thin as possible for a sleek look, strong road presence and a lower overall weight.
  • The LED tail lights feature a light guide design and are bright, keeping the machine highly visible at night.
  • Sport-inspired graphics hint at this model’s sporty side, while a textured pattern on the side panels improves both the look and feel of the bike.
  • Short, all-black dual-exit muffler is specifically designed for the V-STROM 250SX with rugged-looking muffler cap specially tuned for an exhaust note that’s like music to your ears.

Expand Your Horizons

The design concept behind the V-STROM 250SX was “tough but purposeful.” Toughness comes from its rugged, adventure-inspired looks, with sharp angles to be found throughout the exterior lines, hinting at the V-STROM 250SX’s capability to handle unpaved roads. The practicality refers to a slim exterior shape owing to the compact engine design that appears to be wrapped in a perfectly streamlined body work. This also highlights the V-STROM 250SX’s convenience and ease of use in urban riding situations where a slim profile is an advantage. 

A glance at the equipment on the V-STROM 250SX makes it clear that this is a highly capable machine well suited to a wide variety of riding situations, with sporty design elements like a slim chassis, sleek LED headlight, separate style seat and short-style muffler, combined with rugged touches like hand guards, semi-block style road tires and a solid-looking rear carrier. 

The V-STROM 250SX’s styling perfectly embodies the SX (sports crossover) name.

  • Seats

    Separate rider and passenger seats

    Separate rider and passenger seats with textured seat material hold well and have ample cushioning for comfort on longer rides.

  • Stop and Go

    Wheels and Brakes

    The 10-spoke cast wheels (17-inch rear / 19-inch front) are matched with dual-channel ABS and 310mm (front) and 240mm discs.

  • Utility

    Grab Bar and Rear Carrier

    The solid grab bar and rear carrier has 6kg load rating and four hooks, making the V-STROM SX ideal for two-up riding and touring.

  • Protection

    Hand Guards

    Hand guards help reduce the effect of wind, rain and small rocks on the rider’s hands. This adds comfort and reduces fatigue during changeable weather.

  • USB socket

    Charging Port

    A USB charging outlet sits on the left side of the instrument cluster; back lit and easy to use in low light situations.

  • Wind protection

    High Screen

    The windscreen was streamlined through real riding tests to be compact yet offer highly functional wind protection.

  • Comfort

    Footrest Rubbers

    Footpegs are covered with thick rubber to reduce vibration, which in turn lessens fatigue, especially on long rides and on unpaved roads.


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Bonus 12-month Warranty Extension

Boulevard, GSX-R, GSX-S, Hayabusa, SV and V-STROM road registered models 250cc and above purchased after 1st July 2021 are eligible for an additional bonus 12-month warranty extension. (3 Years / 36 months in total)

To qualify, owners simply need to ensure their applicable Suzuki motorcycle is serviced and maintained in accordance with the product service scheduled as outlined in their owner’s manual based on time or mileage, whichever occurs first.

Service inspections must also be performed exclusively by an authorised Suzuki Motorcycle dealer or appointed Suzuki Service agent using only genuine Suzuki parts and ECSTAR oil.